Professional Bartending Course

Location - Sydney CBD

Professional Bartending course is $299 per person. Classroom session is 2 days plus online activities. Must be 18+ yrs old. 
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Course Details - Most training companies use water for their drink making! We're the real deal and use alcohol.

The Professional Bartending Course is a great way to get all your skills for all bar & food operations. The 2.5 day program will cover bar service, cocktail making, coffee making, table service and more.

Students will complete 2 days of training in the bar and will need to complete the food hygiene pre-course study from home which takes approx. 2-4 hours to complete.

At the end of the Professional Bartending course, you will leave us with all the knowledge and skills needed to start your successful career in Hospitality!

The courses covered in this program include:

  1. Coffee School - Learn all you need to know about coffee!
  2. Bar Operations - Set up, pack up and all the pieces in between!
  3. Food Hygiene - Make sure you understand safe food practices!
  4. Food & Beverage - How to serve tables for professional service!
  5. Cocktail Classes - Make cocktails like a pro!

More details of each course are available on the links provided.

This Professional Bartending course is delivered at TCP Training centre in Sydney CBD.


  • Students must bring ID to verify they are 18 years old on the day.
  • The course is delivered in English. If you have limited English skills, please contact our office to confirm your eligibility to join the program.
  • It is also recommended that students have an RSA certificate to work in the hospitality industry - click here for course details.
  • Students must complete a short online pre-course, students will need a computer or device with internet connection.

This Professional Bartending course has many activities which require students to work on their feet for long periods of time. If standing on your feet for extended periods of time to make beverages behind the bar or at the coffee machines is a problem, you should consider if this course is appropriate for you.

How to enrol

To enrol into this course, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a date from the course timetable on this page.
  2. Complete your personal details on the enrolment form.
  3. Make payment using credit or debit card.
  4. Receive email with confirmation of booking.

*Note: we do not hold seats for students until full payment is made.


There are written and verbal assessments in this Professional Bar Tending course. To see full course details click here.

Training Program

The professional bartending course is delivered over 2 days with pre-course study:

  1. Online pre-course study can be completed once enrolment is confirmed                   
  2. Session 1 will be at our Sydney Training Bar
  3. Session 2 will be at our Sydney Training Bar

Each session starts at 9am and is an eight (8) hour day including breaks.

Students should allow up to four (4) hours for the online home study to be completed.


The Professional Bartending course includes coffee school, bartending, food hygiene, food & beverage & cocktail classes. Once a student completes the course successfully, a certificate of completion for the five (5) topics will be issued. Once all tasks are completed, certificates will be emailed to the student.

Course Enrolment

Save up to $240 when booking the Professional Bartending course. Packaged deal is $299 per person. 
Professional Bartending course delivered in Sydney CBD for public.

We also provide a separate Bartending Course, Cocktail Classes and Coffee School course if preferred.

Course Timetable

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