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How to Make the Perfect Coffee – 5 Hot Tips

Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, noticed his flock jumping with extra enthusiasm after eating particular berries. He munched on a handful himself, felt unexplainable energy and henceforth became addicted. Well, so the legend spawned in the 8th century goes. Fast forward to 1100c., the Arabs learnt to boil water and crush green coffee beans. They eventually figured out roasting and grinding the beans would produce the ultimate brew.  

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Five Great Reasons To Work In A Bar

I’ve been working in bars since a young age, initially not tending to stay very long. 10 years have rolled by and I'm still cracking beers … Probably the best career choice I ever made! You may get sad, tired and frustrated with it but becoming a bartender, and really giving it a chance, will open your eyes and open the door to a lot more opportunities in life. Here’s five great reasons to pick up that shaker….… 

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Five Tips For Becoming A Great Bartender

Throughout my ten years experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve perfected my trade, from slinging cocktails in high end bars in Edinburgh to working down the local tavern in Sydney. Here are my top five tips to becoming a great bartender.  

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