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RSA Correspondence course is $150. Average completion time is 6 hours.
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Course Details

This is the perfect course option if you live too far from training providers or if you're availability restrict you from attending a 6hr RSA course. Students can enrol into this RSA Correspondence course and start their learning and assessment immediately. Once completed, the assessments must be uploaded or returned to our head office for an assessor to mark. From the time we receive the assessments to the time you will receive feedback on the outcome can take up to 5 working days. 

RSA correspondence course is approved for all states/territories other than Victoria & Australian Capital Territory (Canberra).

In some states/territories, you only need a Statement of Attainment to work in a licenced venue. If you successfully complete this course, you will be issued with a Statement or Attainment. If you are based in NSW, we will issue you with a temporary interim RSA certificate.

If you need an RSA certificate urgently and cannot spend the time completing this RSA correspondence course, it may be best to find a venue where you can do face to face training and assessment. Estimated completion time is:

  1. Time for study and submission of assessment (determined by students commitment - could be completed in one day)
  2. Assessment marking time - allow up to 5 days
  3. Phone call to verify knowledge - 1-2 working days

Workers who require an RSA include:

  1. All staff serving or selling alcohol regardless of the venue
    • bar
    • bottle shop
    • party boat, etc
  2. Licensees and manager
  3. Managers

Refresher training varies depending on the state / territory. NSW refresher is required every 5 years and is only available through Liquor & Gaming NSW.

RSA Certificates in Australia

Australian States each require specific RSA qualifications to work in the Hospitality Industry -

Which RSA Course you should enrol in -

Download the RSA Certificates in Australia -

Australian RSA Certificates Australian RSA Certificates (2605 KB)


Students are required to be able to complete the RSA correspondence course assessments in English. The course includes videos, photos, and questioning to assist all learners during the program. If you would like to bring a translator with you or have other learning needs due to your Language, Literacy or Numeracy skills, please contact our office on 02 9232 1010 prior to enrolling into this course.


There are assessments in this RSA Correspondence course. To see full course details and assessments, click here.

Workbooks are provided online, students must have access to a webcam or video recording device to record their refusal of service of alcohol, they must have access to standard drink glassware to be able to demonstrate pouring a standard drink (no alcohol required) and be available for a phone call verification appointment to confirm knowledge is achieved.

Once your assessment workbooks and video submissions are received, an assessor will review and contact you if additional evidence is required. Assessments are marked within 5 working days from submission. One of our team will then contact you to make an appointment for the phone call verification. During this time you will need to be able to verify your identity and answer a few questions about RSA to verify your knowledge. 

Training Program

Students are provided access to the learner portal which has tasks listed to complete the RSA Correspondence course.

Once logged in there are 4 components to this program:

  • Online learning
  • Online assessments
  • Assessor marking
  • Phone call to verify knowledge

Students learn the following topics:

  • Legislation
  • ID requirements, minors 
  • Signage requirements
  • Identifying intoxicated persons
  • Refusal of service of alcohol

As a guide, the assessment activities can take up to six (6) hours to complete.

This RSA Correspondence course is delivered by TCP Training.


Students who are assessed as competent will be issued a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol. If you plan on working in Victoria, an online bridging course will need to be completed to learn about their state specific legislation.

This course is delivered by TCP Training with certificates issued by TCP Training (RTOID:91118).

Once all tasks and assessments are completed, certificates will be emailed to the student.

In addition to the Statement of Attainment, students will be emailed an interim certificate from Liquor & Gaming NSW if completing this course in NSW. With this certificate, students can work for up to 90 days and within this time apply for their RSA competency card. Students must visit a Service NSW office to apply for the competency card.

If you only need a Statement of Attainement for your specific state/territory, you can commence work immediately.

To obtain a NSW RSA card, you will need complete an RSA course with an approved NSW training provider. Similar for VIC and ACT.

Course requirements

This RSA correspondence course requires access to the following resources to complete the course:

  • Computer or device
  • Webcam for the final assessment (desktop or laptop webcam only)
  • Internet connection
  • Printer (if you do not have Microsoft word)

Course Enrolment

RSA Correspondence Course Description RSA Correspondence Course Description (370 KB)

Student Handbook Student Handbook (554 KB)

The cost for this RSA Correspondence course is $150.

We also provide an RSA Course Online, an RSA NSW course at our Sydney CBD, Granville & Dee Why training locations and an RSA RCG course (combo) at our Sydney CBD training location if required.

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