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Aussies and their inspiring love for coffee

Australia has an incredibly unique coffee culture. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first moved to Oz in 2008 and realised the extent of the love Aussies have for their coffee. I have seen quite a bit of the world, but what I came across in Sydney, I’d never experienced before.

Early morning, mid-morning and late morning, pretty much any time between 7am and 11am; massive queues at cafes and coffee shops. People who happily line up for ten to fifteen minutes to get a takeaway cup of their favourite brew. On the train and bus, people with a coffee in hand. Running late for work? Quickly grab a coffee, then jump in a taxi to save time. Work meetings won’t start until the coffee is served or at least ordered. Dedicated company coffee runs or coffee deliveries. Coffee here, coffee there, coffee everywhere.
Considering there are hundreds of cafes and coffee shops in Sydney, you’d think a cuppa would be cheap. Surely with all the competition out there, the market would have to stunt with their prices. But nope; a small cup of take-away coffee in Sydney averages $3,75 and a large one roughly $4,75.
When I first arrived in Oz, I was on a bit of a budget and was quite happy with my instant coffee topped off with some freshly boiled water. I didn’t really understand the coffee frenzy and did not indulge. Slowly but surely however, the culture started to rub off on me. When meeting friends for breakfast or brunch (also a huge part of Aussie culture) I would order a nice cappuccino or flat white with my meal. Soon I realised my instant coffee didn’t satisfy me any longer. I was hooked.
So why is Aussie coffee so good? What are the Aussies doing differently to the rest of the world? I believe there are two reasons for the yummy coffee flavours. Number one: great beans. Beans are freshly grinded instead of the traditional filter coffee you find all around the world. Number two: great baristas (people who make and serve coffees). Making coffee is a form of (very tasty) art. You need to get it just right; the coffee to water ratio and the texture and temperature of the milk.
Becoming a barista is definitely achievable, all you need is a bit of training. Sydney Bar School, located in Sydney’s CBD, offer fun and educational barista training at their coffee school. You will learn everything you need to know to apply for a job as a barista! The group course goes for roughly four hours and you’ll learn to make up to 12 different coffee styles including latte, cappuccino, mochas and many others. Booking your course is easily done online.
So here I am now, almost 10 years later. Do I still drink instant coffee? No and I never will again. Do I spend $5 per day on coffee? Yes. Do I happily line up for ten to fifteen minutes to get my morning brew? Guilty. Sydney and its coffee culture has got a hold on me and I can and will never got back to the way I was. But do I mind? Not at all. Australian coffee is the best in the world and worth every hard-earned dollar.


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