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RSA by Correspondence

RSA by Correspondence

The alternative to the Online RSA course for NSW (which is no longer available). It’s been almost 2 years since the NSW Government suspended the online RSA course for NSW. It may not have been too much of a big deal for some of you, but for some, this was a massive pain in the behind!

If you live in a more rural area or you’re not close to a training centre for an RTO like Sydney Bar School, who offers the NSW RSA course in classrooms in several locations across Sydney, or you don’t have the time to attend the classroom course, the absence of the online course will be a big inconvenience for you.

The online RSA course allowed you to study from home, in your own time. If school or work, or life in general, got in the way, you could save what you had done and come back to it later. So handy!
Well don’t despair! We can’t offer you an online course but we can offer you the NSW RSA by Correspondence as an alternative!

Want to know more??

RSA by Correspondence is completed via email and assessed by an accredited RSA trainer appointed byt the registered training organisation who offers the course. There’s only a few RTOs in NSW who are able to offer the RSA by Correspondence course and Sydney Bar School is one of them!

Once you have enrolled on to the course, the study materials and assessment booklet are sent to you via email … all you need to then do is fill in the assessment booklet and email it to your trainer. You don’t have to print anything off (the document is editable), you get 2 attempts and 30 days to successfully complete the assessment, making the course as flexible as you need it to be.

It is not an online course … but it may just be the next best thing!

Learn more about the NSW RSA by Correspondence or enrol today and get your NSW RSA certificate so you can start working!

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