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Christmas Cocktail - The Candy Cane Martini

candy cane martini

Why did we choose the Candy Cane Martini?

Well, because you can't get more Christmas-y than this! It uses the traditional colours of Christmas and tastes exactly like Candy Canes. Using vanilla vodka as a base spirit, all the flavours are mild and almost everyone should love this concoction. It will easily become a favourite at your Christmas party this year.


  • 30 mls Vanilla Vodka
  • 30 mls White crème de cacao
  • 15 mls Peppermint Schnapps
  • 15 mls cranberry juice
  • 2 crushed up Candy Canes


Crush the candy canes up and put them on a small plate. Take a chilled Martini glass out of the freezer and dip it in the candy cane pieces so that they stick to the rim. (If they are not sticking easily, rub a piece of lime or lemon around the rim of the glass to make it sticky.)

Pour all your ingredients into a boston shaker. Shake with ice and then strain the mixture into the garnished martini glass ... it's as simple as that!


snowball martini

If you want a different variation of this, you could try a Snowball Martini ...


  • 1.5oz White crème de cacao
  • 1oz Peppermint Schnapps
  • 1oz Heavy Cream


It's the same as above pretty much! Garnish your chilled glass with the edible silver flakes. Shake the other ingredients thoroughly with some ice and pour into the glass.


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