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How Do You Make Coffee?

How Do You Make Coffee?

No, not like that but how is coffee grown and roasted before it makes its way to your favourite mug!

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, with millions of cups sold each day globally. Whether you like a long black, a flat white or a shot of espresso you may have never wondered this but how do you make coffee?

Not in the traditional sense of boiling water and texturing milk but before that - how is coffee grown and processed? What does a coffee plant look like and how do the beans look when they are growing?

One thing people never really think of when downing their daily dose of caffeine is the life-cycle of a coffee plant. For something so commonly consumed it is amazing how little people know about the process of growing and creating coffee as we know it.

A bunch of tropical countries across the world are coffee growers, as is Australia, and the locale of your coffee can have a defined impact on taste and drinking experience - just like wine.

The coffee beans you see at your local cafe or that you brew yourself at home take a full year to grow and be processed before they are ready for your favourite drink.

Coffee plants need a warm climate to thrive and coffee is traditionally grown in equatorial, tropical countries. Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of coffee followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia which gives you an idea of the scope of production.

Australian coffee is grown in a variety of places and not just in the tropics of Northern Queensland. While Mareeba is possibly Australia’s most famous region for coffee production, coffee growing has also moved further south between Coffs Harbour, NSW and Noosa, QLD.

Learn how to make the best coffee from the expert Barista's at the Sydney Bar School Coffee School.

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