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The Career Progression of a Bartender

The Bartender - that young person who doesn't really seem to care about slinging you whiskey dry's all night and isn’t aware this industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world!

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Five Great Reasons To Work In A Bar

I’ve been working in bars since a young age, initially not tending to stay very long. 10 years have rolled by and I'm still cracking beers … Probably the best career choice I ever made! You may get sad, tired and frustrated with it but becoming a bartender, and really giving it a chance, will open your eyes and open the door to a lot more opportunities in life. Here’s five great reasons to pick up that shaker….… 

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At Sydney Bar School, we know our beer!

Beer ... one of, if not, the biggest selling alcoholic beverage available to our customers. It is important before starting work in the bars and taverns in Australia that you know your beer types, your glassware and more importantly, how to perfect the art of pouring. 

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