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Want to Make Cocktails at Home?

Want to Make Cocktails at Home?

In terms of equipment, here are the basic utensils you will need.

Boston cocktail shaker – This is made up of two parts. One glass end and one tin end, that when fitted together create a sealed container used to shake ingredients. It is important to make sure you get a shaker that has a glass base so that you can see your ingredients and make sure they have been thoroughly shaken before moving on to the next step of any cocktail.

Muddler – This tool is used to essentially squash fruit in glass or cocktail shaker. Generally the bigger the better.

Bar Spoon – These long spoons serve two purposes. The first is that they are used to stir or mix ingredients in cocktails. This is an essential for cocktails that are “built” instead of shaken. Bar spoons are essential in making Mojitos, Caipiroskas, Caipirinhas, Old Fashioneds, Negronis and much more. Secondly they are a measuring utensil, so a recipe might call for “one bar spoon of brown sugar.”

Hawthorne Strainer – This is used after a cocktail has been shaken to separate the liquid contents from any ice, or large chunks or fruit pieces that would not look visually appealing in the final product.

Fine Strainer – This is used to purge the ingredients of a shaken cocktail from any small piece of fruit or ice that made it through the Hawthorne strainer. This is essential for cocktails like Strawberry Daiquiris where you have to muddle fresh fruit, but want the final product to be a smooth crystal clear colour.

A Knife – You will need a basic knife to cut up fruit for your cocktails and prepare garnishes.

Glassware – In order to make any recipe you come across, you will need a few different types of glassware. Martini glasses, double rocks glasses and highball glasses are the most commonly used for cocktails but you may also find recipes requiring carafes and jugs or champagne/wine glasses.

If you are interested in owning some equipment of your own, look at any of the following websites:

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