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Why Do I Need An RCG Certificate?

Why Do I Need An RCG Certificate?

… you need to be able to show that you have completed an OLGR approved RCG course, also known as an RGS, or Responsible Gambling Services, course. This course teaches you about your legal obligations in the state you work in when it comes to providing responsible gambling services to your customers.

If you work in an establishment that provides gambling services in NSW, including:

  • Poker machines (or Pokies) in pubs, clubs and hotels,
  • All gaming facilities found in casinos
  • Betting shops for sports such as horseracing, football, cricket etc

One of the most important things is being able to understand the impact that gambling can have and recognising signs of the addiction. Compulsive gamblers struggle to control the urge to gamble, even if they know it has negative consequences for them and their loved ones.

You may think that it would be easy to spot someone who has a gambling problem. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case! Not all people who have a gambling addiction are out of control, they have a problem, but they are very good at hiding this, even from the people who know them the best.

How do I spot someone with a potential gambling addiction?

It has been suggested that there are two main types of compulsive gamblers:

Escape Gamblers

They use gambling as a way to escape real life, problems they may be having or feelings such as depression. They may appear to be unhappy or introverted.

Action Gamblers

They tend to stick to games that involve beating the odds or skill, such as Poker. They may come across as overly self-confident, bordering on arrogant at times.

You need to be vigilant with people who display the following signs:

  • They are pre-occupied when it comes to gambling.
  • They gamble for prolonged periods of time.
  • They take more and more risks.
  • They show extreme emotions when they either win or lose.
  • They continue to play even if they are on a losing streak.
  • They get confrontational, defensive or agitated if it is suggested they should stop.

These are by no means the only indicators of a gambling problem, and with experience, you will become more confident in identifying where there may be issues.

An RCG course provides you with the foundations of knowledge about gambling and gambling addiction and will help you feel more confident in flagging any concerns you may have.

Our infographic below is a good starting point when considering what categorises someone as having an issue with gambling.

gambling addiction infographic

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