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World Cup Cocktails: Weissen Sour

World Cup Cocktails: Weissen Sour

In the spirit of fairness and neutrality, here is the finest Belgian-American cocktail we could think of!

In the last game of the round of 16, Belgium will take on the United States in what has all the hallmarks of a classic.

Belgium were hotly tipped coming into Brazil but have been rather disappointing while on the field whereas the American side is inspiring their non-football loving nation like never before!

While Belgium will still be favourites, nobody (outside of Belgium) would be surprised with an upset from those lively Americans.

What better way to celebrate this game than combining all things Belgian with all things American?! Win or lose, each nation will be proud of the Weissen Sour - an American classic with a Belgian twist.

What You’ll Need:

  • 60ml bourbon
  • 20ml fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 10ml sugar syrup
  • 2 dashes of orange bitters
  • 1 bar spoon (or teaspoon) orange marmalade
  • Hoegaarden beer - to fill
  • Lemon twist, for garnish
  • Cocktail Shaker and Strainer

Serve It In:

An old fashioned glass

Serve It With:

In the effort to maintain our down-the-middle, neutrality pick some of the best from Belgium and the best from the United States. French fries (yes, they’re Belgian) are a good place to start, take a hot dog on too - everyone loves a hot dog!

How To Make It:

Add ice to your cocktail shaker and chuck in the bourbon, lemon juice, bitters and sugar syrup. If you’ve got a bar spoon, take one and measure out your marmalade (yes, really) and throw that in too! If not, use a teaspoon to measure out your marmalade, they hold about the same but the bar spoon has a longer handle.

This cocktail requires a really good shake so smack on the lid and go for about 30 seconds, maybe even 45 if you’re feeling fruity! Once shaken, strain the mix over ice and top up with the Hoegaarden.

Now for the lemon twist, make sure you cut this over the top of the glass so the essence falls into the mixture and you’ve got yourself a new twist (get it?) on an old classic.

For some reason, I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that this will be a corker of a game (don’t hold it against me if it’s awful) so let’s see how this one pans out with our cocktail for the neutral!

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